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The 2019 Australian Open – Men's Final

After a pair of lacklustre semi-finals, we have the blockbuster we all craved in the Men’s Australian Open Final tonight between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. But given their individual dominance throughout the tournament, which player has the edge? Or are we to expect a showdown of 2012 proportions?

The 2018 Australian Open – Final

The narrative of the Men’s 2018 Australian Open Tournament has been dominated by injury to key players, but it is hard to argue that the two finalists are the most deserving of a spot in the final. Roger Federer is the overwhelming favourite to beat Marin Cilic, but is this justified? To answer this question, The Weekend Preview examines the performances of both players in the 6 matches they have played en route to the final.

The 2018 Australian Open – Round 4

As a bonus set of articles for the Australian Open, The Weekend Preview will present a round by round assessment of the state of play in the Men’s Singles Draw. Before the Fourth Round, we discuss the impact of age and inexperience.