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AFL Round 4: Geelong vs. St Kilda

There were two moments that summed up the fortunes of Geelong in the 2008 and 2009 Grand Finals. And there was one player who was central to both moments - Cameron Mooney. He is also the only player that has celebrated both a birthday and a premiership on the same day for over 20 years. But does a footballer's birthday really matter? More than you think.

AFL Round 21: Melbourne vs. St Kilda

Tackling as a form indicator is a contradictory premise, as the objective in football should be to get hands on the ball first. The Weekend Preview this weeks investigates whether tackle counts are a reliable form indicator.

AFL Round 13: North Melbourne vs. St Kilda

With the changing landscape of the ruck rules in 2017 due the no third-man up rule, the questionable importance of the specialist tap ruckman has been a hot topic again. But perhaps they are being under-valued, and their place in the game is safer than we realise.

AFL Round 9: St Kilda vs. Sydney

St Kilda is on track to make finals for the first time since 2011. And this weekend they come up against a resurgent Sydney at Etihad Stadium, with potentially a place in the top 4 beckoning. But the home ground advantage for the Saints may not be an advantage at all against the Swans this week.