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AFL Round 21: Hawthorn vs. Geelong

From the stocky little midfielder that nobody wanted to a Rising Star, Premiership Captain & Brownlow Medalist, the story of Sam Mitchell’s perseverance to make it to the very top of the game is now a well-worn tale. But as we now shake our heads in disbelief as to how Mitchell could have ever been overlooked in his draft year, has the AFL industry actually learnt its lesson?

AFL Round 2: Geelong vs. Hawthorn

2018 represents the 10 year anniversary of Hawthorn's 2008 Premiership success and the coming together of the greatest ever left-footed team. But is it really true that left-footers are better kicks of the football? The Weekend Preview investigates.

AFL Round 22: Carlton vs. Hawthorn

In the age of Free Agency and million-dollar a season contracts there is still room for some romanticism in the modern game. The Father-Son rule provides a link between the suburban era of the VFL/AFL and the ultra-professional sport we see today. But which teams have gained the most from the rule since the introdcution of the draft system?

AFL Round 20: Richmond vs. Hawthorn

Has the Number 1 pick in the National Draft historically been a safe choice? And where in the Draft have the best players been selected? This week The Weekend Preview answers those questions and looks back at the 2007 National Draft.

AFL Round 7: Melbourne vs. Hawthorn

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the infamous 1987 preliminary final between Hawthorn and Melbourne, a drought-breaking year for the Demons as they played finals for the first time since 1964, their last premiership year. In 2017, the Demons are targeting the end of another finals drought, having not played in a finals series since 2006. But what has been holding the Demons back from returning to finals?

AFL Round 4: Hawthorn vs. Geelong

What they don’t have, I think, is the quality of some of our players; they don’t have the psychological drive we have. We’ve beaten Geelong when it matters. Jeff Kennett, 2009.