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AFL Round 11: Sydney vs. Carlton

In tribute to the 2018 Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round, The Weekend Preview reflects on how Michael O’Loughlin launched his career and investigates whether we have passed the peak of Lance Franklin.

AFL Round 8: Carlton vs. Essendon

Stephen Kernahan may be Carlton’s Captain in their Team of the Century, but unfortunately for him, he is remembered for 2 things… And although the 2018 Carlton side is only a shadow of what was on show in the Kernahan era, on the bright side the Blues do have an evergreen halfback that is in career best form…

AFL Round 1: Richmond vs. Carlton

Watching the Richmond and Carlton Football Clubs start the AFL fixture each year is usually a preamble to the season proper for most supporters. But this year (at last), it’s not just a cautionary tale on how to mismanage a club, it’s a cautionary tale on how to manage a premiership team. It has been over 2 decades since either team has faced the scenario of defending a premiership…

AFL Round 22: Carlton vs. Hawthorn

In the age of Free Agency and million-dollar a season contracts there is still room for some romanticism in the modern game. The Father-Son rule provides a link between the suburban era of the VFL/AFL and the ultra-professional sport we see today. But which teams have gained the most from the rule since the introdcution of the draft system?

AFL Round 14: Richmond vs. Carlton

Richmond appear to invent new ways of losing in heartbreaking fashion each week. But have we all been a little too harsh on the Tigers? There is reason for the Tigers to be positive and for a start there is arguably one team worse than the Tigers in close games.

AFL Round 1: Carlton vs. Richmond

Welcome to the 2017 AFL premiership season – Carlton versus Richmond. Although this season opening fixture often fails to live up to expectation (even Darryl Braithwaite failed to turn up with actual horses last year for the pre-match entertainment), the importance of the fixture for both teams is more than the four points on offer, in fact, it can be season defining.