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AFL Round 10: Melbourne vs. Adelaide

Jake Lever faces his old side for the first time this weekend, but should Melbourne have got him in his draft year? And is Paul Seedsman the best winger in the competition this season?

AFL Grand Final: Adelaide vs. Richmond

In 2017, both Adelaide and Richmond are celebrating Premiership anniversaries. Adelaide are celebrating 20 years since their maiden Premiership success in 1997. Whilst Richmond are celebrating 50 years since their drought breaking 1967 Premiership. And if you believe in omens their are some noticeable parallels between 2017 and the anniversaries both these teams are celebrating. 

AFL Finals Preview Special

The 8 teams playing Finals represent the 8 best defences in the AFL. And if defence wins premierships, then who will we see in the Grand Final in 4 weeks time? As a bonus edition, The Weekend Preview assesses the strengths and weaknesses of all 8 finalists.

AFL Round 19: Collingwood vs. Adelaide

How much has Collingwood’s kicking woes cost them in 2017? And how reliant have the Crows been on accurate goal kicking? This week The Weekend Preview investigates the impact of accurate/inaccurate goal kicking on the make-up of the AFL Ladder.

AFL Round 16: Adelaide Crows vs. Western Bulldogs

Has the competition worked out the Bulldogs or are they just struggling with form and motivation? One tactic that has proven very effective is the hard tagging of Jason Johannisen. But how critical is Jason Johannisen to the success of the Bulldogs? This week the Weekend Preview tries to answer this question using a metric that is fast becoming one of the most popular match statistics - Metres Gained.

AFL Round 3: Port Adelaide vs. Adelaide (Showdown 42)

Port Adelaide are like Collingwood – you love ‘em or you hate ‘em. Either way, you respect them. They’ve got the premiership success. You can’t deny what they’ve achieved. So you want to beat them. The rivalry, it’s totally genuine. Mark Ricciuto.